As a teacher I know that education is one of the most important issues that faces Michigan today. Our schools are being overworked and underfunded by the current legislature. Only by adequately funding public schools, creating a safe, gun-free zone, and eliminating the for-profit motive will the level of education in Michigan rise and allow us to take back the title of a top-10 education state.


I am proud to have been appointed to the House Education Committee where I will continue to work tirelessly for the children of our state. 


Protection of the environment is very important to me, and I believe clean air and water are human rights. I have fought for and will continue to fight for those in Western Northville Township who are affected by the Arbor Hills landfill. I have a 100% rating with the Michigan League of Conservation voters for the votes I've taken in Lansing. 


Universal Healthcare is a right that each and every American deserves. How we treat the poorest and most vulnerable members of our society defines who we are as a state and a community. Only by making necessary changes, such as lowering prescription drug prices and addressing the opioid epidemic, will we improve the well-being of millions of Michigan citizens. I am committed to fighting for a comprehensive and thorough healthcare system that will help every Michigander, not just those who can afford or access it. I am fighting for a better healthcare system as a member of the Health Policy Committee.