Focus on public education, roads, affordable healthcare, and clean water drives voter support

PLYMOUTH, MI, November 7, 2018 – With results in from all precincts, Democrat Matt
Koleszar has been elected to serve a two-year term as state representative for Michigan’s 20th
District, which comprises Plymouth, Plymouth Township, Northville, Northville Township and
Eastern Canton.

Koleszar, a public school teacher of 12 years, ran on a platform focused on positive change in
public education, improved infrastructure (roads and bridges), affordable quality healthcare,
and clean water – topics foremost in the minds of Michigan voters.

Warmly endorsed by Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, unions, and
education groups, Koleszar soundly defeated Republican incumbent Jeff Noble by earning 51%
of the vote.

“I’m grateful and honored to have this opportunity,” said Koleszar. “For the past year, we have
been talking with voters about the issues that are most important to this community;
strengthening our public schools, creating safe infrastructure and protecting the environment,
and that message was heard on Tuesday by the voters.”

“I look forward to working my new colleagues on both sides of the aisle in the State House and
with all of the people of Northville, Plymouth and Canton.” he said. “I understand the issues
and am excited to begin the work, especially focusing on public education.”

“Working with incoming Governor Whitmer, we will also focus on fixing roads, maintaining
access to affordable quality healthcare, and, importantly, on protecting our freshwater
resources,” said Koleszar.  Koleszar continued, “I’m especially grateful for the incredible support from an amazing
campaign team – from canvassers and phone bank workers, to volunteers who spent hours,
days, and weeks to promote our message.”

Koleszar, a resident of Plymouth Township, will be sworn in January 2019. His contact
information for constituents will be made available soon, as well as a schedule for community
visits and local office hours which he plans to host regularly and on weekends.

He celebrated election night at his Downtown Plymouth office, along with his wife Kim, his
campaign team, and the Plymouth Democratic Club. Matt will be returning to the classroom
Monday morning and will be teaching until the holiday break.